Maui Trade Dollar 2019 Turtle Uncirculated

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Maui Trade Dollar Green Sea Turtle 2019 Copper-Nickel Coin Uncirculated.  Honu swim in waters of Makena’s Turtle Town.  39 mm diameter.  Double struck.

This 39 mm diameter coin is much larger than both USA quarter (24.26 mm in diameter) and USA half dollar (30.61 mm in diameter).

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This listing is for one Uncirculated:

Green Sea Turtle 
2019 Copper-Nickel Coin Uncirculated

The 28th Maui Trade Dollar features one of Maui’s most beloved marine creatures.  Indeed, on this coin, the Hawaiian green sea turtle, or Honu, swims in the pristine waters of Makena’s Turtle Town.  Further, note the 2019 Cupronickel Edition is 39mm.  Also, the mint double struck this coin and minted it in the USA to the highest industry standards for quality.

  The 2019 Maui Trade Dollar also features its trademark sunburst.  Notably, the sunburst appears on every Maui Trade Dollar to date.  In fact, it perfectly reflects the sunny Kaanapali Coast.

The back of the 2019 Maui Trade Dollar features six stars located on the left and right sides of the surround.  This indicates the 2019 coin’s place in Series 6, the Heritage Series, featuring the natural landmarks of Maui.  This 2019 Maui Trade Dollar is the third coin in the Maui Trade Dollar Series 6 Collection (2017-2021), the Heritage Series.  The surround also includes names of major locations in Maui such as cities and towns.  The coin no longer shows a face value.  The back center shows an outline of the map of Maui.  It reads “MAUI TRADE DOLLAR SINCE 1992.”

Background Information For Maui Trade Dollar 2019:

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands.  Significantly, tourists love to visit Maui because of its gorgeous scenery, beautiful tropical beaches and numerous cultural activities.  Initially starting in 1992, each year, the Maui Chamber of Commerce issued a trade dollar that was good in trade at participating merchants throughout the island during the year that it was issued.  Purchasers of the coins kept them as souvenirs rather than turning them in for redemption at the end of the year.  Thus this helped raise funds for educational projects on the island.  Over the years, the series became increasing popular with collectors.  Starting in 2018, these coins stopped having a face value.

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We enlarge photos in this listing to show details.

Also, pardon  reflections in photos due to coin being highly reflective.  You can see camera lens and my fingers reflected on coin.

Importantly, coin you receive may vary somewhat from that shown.  But coin will be in same general condition.

Noteworthy, coin may have superficial scratches and/or minor wear of finish and/or nicks.  These result from way these coins are stacked at the mint.

In addition, coin may show minor spotting and/or toning and/or oxidation.

Further Details For Maui Trade Dollar 2019 Turtle:

The coin does not have any dollar face value and is not legal tender.

Notably, the coin is 39 mm in diameter, is struck in copper-nickel and is Uncirculated.

Further, this 39 mm diameter coin is much larger than both USA quarter (24.26 mm in diameter) and USA half dollar (30.61 mm in diameter). 

Add this Maui Trade Dollar 2019 to your collection.  Or buy it to start a coin collection for your child/grandchild!

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